Get admitted into a top US university
with the guarantee of admission from a mentor at Columbia University

Get admitted into a top US university

with the guarantee of admission from a mentor at Columbia University

About us

StudyAmerica is the first online school in the world for preparing for admission to top US universities with full or partial funding.

Maria Gurieva is the founder of company and the graduate of Columbia University in New York. She has been preparing schoolchildren and students for admission to the United States for more than 10 years. 100% of her students went to the universities of their dreams - Columbia University, Yale University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Duke College, UC Berkeley, UCLA, NYU and others.

Our clients include more than 15,000 students from all over the world.
помощь в поступлении в американские вузы
100% students of StudyAmerica went to US university
О нас
Maria Gurieva is voted the best expert on education abroad*
10 years of experience in supporting admission
to the USA
* according to Successful Ladies Awards 2018

How to start

If you are just at the beginning of your journey and you are mess, we recommend you to attend a free Master Class. You will find answers to your questions and can dispel the myths and fears which prevent you from achieving your goal - to enter the top US university.

Stages of work

Our mission is to provide access to education in the top US universities to everyone who dreams about it and is ready to work hard on it. We will go through this interesting path with you and are guaranteed to lead to results.
Free Master Class where you will get answers to most of your questions.
Free consultation with the advisor, where you will pass pre-selection and make an individual admission plan
Work with the StudyAmerica team, support your admission to one of the top US universities with a guaranteed result
Would you like to consult with Maria in person?
Мария Гурьева - эксперт по поступлению в США

With us you

Prepare for the entrance exams
You will prepare for the international exams TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, ACT, SSAT, GRE, GMAT, SAT Subject Tests Math I & Math II, PSAT, etc.
Prepare the necessary documents
You will get help in preparing questionnaires, essays, recommendations, and transcripts. Your documents will be perfect for all the requirements of the best US universities.
Get rid of the fears about admission
Our students have experienced mentors and psychologists to overcome all fears on the way to the goal.
Enter an American University
100 % of our students are enrolled in our chosen University with our experience and support at all stages of admission.

Our services

Your mentor - Maria Gurieva

Мария Гурьева - Study America
She studied at Columbia University
Maria knows not only the secrets of getting into the Ivy League with full funding, but also has her own experience of studying there. Maria has interacted with many other students who have enrolled at Columbia University, and learned their admission stories, essay topics and the secrets of their success.
She visited admissions offices of top US universities
Maria had visited the admissions offices of almost every Ivy League University during her time in NY. She had learned about admissions and interviewed incoming students. This way, Maria knows all about the most prestigious US universities and can share her knowledge with you.
100% admission method
All of Maria's students successfully entered the best US universities, such as Yale University, Columbia University, Stanford University, Dartmouth College, Duke College, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, UCLA, NYU, USC and others. They were admitted in bachelor's, master's, and postgraduate programs. Most of them received scholarships and grants.
Мария Гурьева - Study America
>15 000
students were trained
in StudyAmerica
years of supporting admission to the US universities
Maria's students acceptance rate

Students of StudyAmerica got admitted in such universities as

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I want to go to Harvard/Ivy League/TOP 50. Is it possible?
It is possible, but it will require all your efforts. If you feel that you are worthy of studying at the most prestigious universities in the world and are ready to work full – time, sign up for a consultation, and I will provide you with all the tools to enter the University of your dreams. If your goal is the Ivy League or other top-50 universities, then you've come to the right place. I have been preparing students for admission to top universities in the United States since 2010. 100% of my students went to the universities of their dreams. My students include current Yale University, University of Columbia, Dartmouth College and others top universities. I went to University of Columbia, UC Berkeley and so on. For more than 8 years of work, I have learned the secrets of the perfect application, which helps my students to enter universities and win scholarships. I will be happy to share it with you.
Why do I need to contact you instead of the Agency?
Most agencies in Russia and the CIS can not boast of successful admissions of students to Ivy League universities – often students enter universities much lower in rating. Why? First, Agency employees are often not certified professionals, and have not attended Ivy League universities themselves. Second, agencies have contracts with unpopular colleges in the US, and profit from them when they submit your documents. When you contact an Agency, think about who you trust with your future. Do your intermediaries pursue their own interests that are not compatible with yours? By contacting me, you can be sure that Your future will be the highest priority in our work. I have no commercial interest in putting you in a particular University, and I have a great desire to help You get into the best University, even if it's Harvard or Yale with minimal chances. I'm not afraid of challenges and I believe in you. You will be directly involved in the admission process by contact me – everything will be transparent, we will do everything together.
I live in a city N/ a country X. We will be able to do?
Sure. Consultations and courses are available to students all over the world, from Los Angeles to Vladivostok. Convenient classes via Skype or our online platform will allow you to study from home or any place convenient for you, save time on the road, do not go out if it's late or bad weather. I will share my screen with you if you need to show me how to fill out a questionnaire or find something on an American website, send you a link to an electronic whiteboard when you need to explain a mathematical example, send you a link to a Google document when I edit and discuss your essay in real time, send you a synchronous stopwatch when we practice speaking on time, and send you all the electronic versions of the necessary textbooks so that You can open them on your screen. Feedback from my students proves how convenient to study online.

Any other questions? Ask them for an personal consultation: