How to get into a US university and go there for free?
Most up-to-date admissions strategy in 2022-2023
From: Study America
To: Students applying to US universities
Study America - is an international company that has been operating since 2019. We help students from all over the world to apply to selected dream universities in the USA. More than 30,000 people around the world have taken our courses. We are proud that 100% of our students in the main program entered the American dream university.
Our courses are being followed by students from over 160 countries!
❌ Learn English for years
❌ Do an enormous research by themselves in order to find a perfect university
❌ Spend extra time and extra money on composing piles of documents
❌ Constantly struggle with the fear of "not getting in"
❌ Prepare for the exams that won't play a big role during the admissions process
❌ Work with multiple agents in order to receive a student visa
❌ Deal with the vaccine
The best part is that:
Our students didn't have to:
Lanysh — she is a 17 years old Kazakhstan's girl. She likes to swim, play chess, study geography and maths. And she received invitations from 13 US universities! WOW!
Daria — at first she wanted to study in the USA as an exchange student, but the pandemic changed her plans. So Daria decided to apply to US universities — and she got accepted to all schools from her list. WOW!
Gordei — a 19 years old boy who really loves sport: he played soccer at school and now he is into basketball and jogging. His real passion is Aerospace Technology — and he got 21 000$ as a scholarship from Michigan State University to specialize in this field. WOW!
All the PREVIOUS strategies that have helped students get into US universities and that are used in most of the courses you see online are NOT WORKING ANYMORE. 2021 has transformed higher education in the US arena.
This graph shows the evolution of the US admissions strategy.
We refuse to go with flow and use the same tools as all the other agencies on the market.
Everything in this life comes and goes. So it is absolutely normal that the strategy changes and adapts to new standards, possibilities or limitations.
After taking the mini-course you will:
✅ Know for sure that you will get into a US university
✅ Not hire multiple tutors in order to put together all the information you need
✅ Not waste time on things that you will not need
✅ Have a systematic approach towards the application process
✅ Get rid of extra expenses and activities
It's a new and the most up-to-date strategy
that makes sure you get accepted into a US university with financial aid
Before we get into any details…
Just imagine:
✅ What will it mean to you, if you get accepted into a university of your dreams and not just some random school?

✅ How will you react once you get notified that you have received financial aid as well?

✅ How will your life change once you go through this mini-course for 2-4 weeks and get to know a 100% strategy that will take you to your dream life?
We know that…
Some of you might say: "Come on. That can't be true. That's a scam."
Some of you might even shut this page believing that this is not their story...
Everybody has his own path to future success:
"I was getting ready to apply to US universities with the help of an agency. They made me choose one and only university that did not fit any of my expectations and objectives. Moreover, I didn't even get into this one school."
"I was working myself to death during this whole process, I went through many consultations that were very expensive. At the end the tutor I was working with messed up some of the documents that I needed in order to get in. Now I feel like I was cheated on. And I have to wait for one more year to apply."
Inga, who was convinced to apply to only one school
Christina, wanted to get into UC Berkeley
We know that many of you will give up.
It may sound too harsh but using the same strategy that doesn't work is foolish.
Perfect results
Minimal amount of time
So we suggest a new one:
Success does not consist of doing more things that you would normally do. Because once we start doing more, we start procrastinating more as well.
«Hustle and bustle» - this is the worst strategy for you.

❌ Do more
❌ More of English
❌ Better grades
❌ Crazy social life and enormous amount of activities
❌ All of that 24/7
This is JUST a waste of time, when you lack a proper strategy.
You need an admissions strategy that TAKES YOU TO ANOTHER LEVEL, and does not TAKE YOU DOWN.
Stage #1:
The life of any admissions strategy follows this graph:
Tutors and agencies use the new admissions strategy. They make lots of mistakes, waste money on various hypotheses until they find a strategy that works. Unfortunately, the ones that are being used as test-takers are the applicants.

And you don't want to start the process at this stage.
Stage #2:
So now the strategy is proven to work. Most of the companies on the market start using it and start to receive the results that they want, especially at the very beginning of this stage.

You DEFINITELY want to start the process at this stage.
Stage #3:
The US higher education market is transforming. Some of the rules change. Previous strategies stop working. Applicant start to receive no-letters more frequently

You most certainly DON'T WANT to start the process at this stage.
The strategy is dying
History always goes all the way round
YEAR 2010: "Show us that you are not a white male"
It was one of the easiest periods to get accepted into top US universities. All you had to say was that you were not a white male that was born and raised in the USA.
So that means that you had to be a part of some minority (social, national, etc).

But after that Trump became the president. And immediately all the rules changed. Those who didn't transform their strategy failed.
When the old strategy dies, a new one comes - And when this happens, be sure to use the new one.
Rule number one of any applicant willing to get admitted into a US college:
Next Strategy
YEAR 2016: Study till you drop!
Starting from the year 2016 admission offices became obsessed with exams.
That's when people start caring much more about receiving top scores on their SAT/ACT.
The exams started to adapt to this craze, and for example the SAT became much easier than it was before.
That was a perfect time for the ones willing to study hard in order to receive perfect Academics and get into their dream school.

However, after that US universities were "done" with an on-going flow of "robots", that were demonstrating perfect results on anything you would ask from them, but had absolutely no life outside of this perfect world …

That's when the strategy changed one more time. And those who refuse to follow new rules have no chance to succeed.
Rule number one of any applicant willing to get admitted into a US college:
When the old strategy dies, a new one comes - And when this happens, be sure to use the new one.
New strategy
YEAR 2022: Supernova
New strategy "Supernova" is based upon one main rule "Show up until others can't". And this strategy is surely gaining momentum .
That's why these days you see lots of foreigners going to US universities.

That's why the new strategy works better than others:

✅ It helps bypass the competition between applicants and not be a part of it
✅ This new approach towards the admissions process shows the up-to-date requirement of US universities and it is not based upon dated information spread all over the internet.
That is how people all over the world get accepted into US universities with full financial aid.
New strategy works following these 5 steps:
Step 1: How to increase your chances to get enrolled by joining an online campus tour?
Step 2: Why do you need to take the SAT, even if it is not mandatory? How do exam results improve your application?
Step 3: How to use your grades and school performance in your advantage?
Step 4: Why does 80% of your admission success depend on the personal part of the application?
Step 5: How to nail your online interview and boost your chances?
That is all you need to get accepted into US universities and receive financial aid in 2022-2023
Full admissions strategy in 2022-2023
The shortest and most effective strategy for the applicant.

A mini-course of 5 video lessons from Maria Guryeva, in which we will show exact steps that Study America residents take to get accepted into their dream university.

The new US admission strategy will serve you as a priority pass on your way to dream university: while others will be waiting in line for their applications to be processed, you will be moving quickly and comfortably on a special line and will receive a guaranteed college invitation at the end of your journey.
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