Test Drive of «The 100% Acceptance to Top U.S. Universities Coaching Program» by Study America

Access to 50 video-lessons, homework, our best-selling book on admission process, tests and live meetings with your curator as your first step towards higher education at the USA.

For those who are ready to stop doubting and want to give it a go!

In order to get to the top US colleges you need help of a professional and experienced mentor who knows all the details of the admission process and will open up doors that seem to be shut at first.
Загрузка таймера
At Study America we have created a 30-days test drive that will help you get to know our method and approach towards the preparation process and learn why you have to start your journey with us.

You will learn:

  • What is our admission strategy based on? What does the timeline of admission process look like?
  • How does the communication with curators look like?
  • What are the most important aspects that you should pay attention to when starting your application process?
  • How does the educational process at Study America look like?
  • What is our exam preparation strategy?

The test-drive will help you:

  • Figure out whether our method of education suits you or not. Try out online education and learn how to work with out platform.
  • Find out whether you will be able to cope with school and admission process and finish the application on time.
  • Understand what are some of the main principles of our school and get to know your future curator.
  • Get to know the first steps that you need to take in order to get accepted to the USA and start working on your application.
And most importantly: you will see the effectiveness of Study America's method, since you will practice join our student body for a while. We will give you access to real lessons from our coaching program as well as curatorial to live support from our experts.
This test drive is your real chance to explore our method that is usually available only to our residents.
This is your shot to take a look inside our school, see the structure of the course and figure out what tasks you need to set yourself right know in order to achieve your dream.
The program is based on a personal experience and includes all the necessary knowledge and methods needed for a successful admission to US universities from the TOP-50 list
The course program is subject to change, because we are constantly improving it:)
As a bonus to this test drive you will get our best-selling workbook that covers every single step towards your admission. You will get access to templates, life-hacks, strategies and a lot of other useful information that will help you figure out the steps that create your perfect admission strategy, gather all the result of your hard work in one place, successfully complete our program and reach your goal.

About Study America

«The 100% Acceptance to Top U.S. Universities Coaching Program» was created by Study America, a company founded by a graduate from Columbia University in New York Maria Guryeva. During her education in New York she travel around the USA, talked to most admission committees of the top US colleges, got to know the students of these universities and as a result came up with a personal admission strategy method.

You have a chance to test the program, learn more about our approach and see the hacks that guarantee admission to our students. We are proud to say that 100% of our graduates got accepted into their dream schools. If you want to learn more about our coaching program, click the button down below.

помощь в поступлении в американские вузы
100% of StudyAmerica student got accepted into US universities
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Maria Gureva has won the title of the best US admission coach*
Over 12 year of experience in helping with US admission process
* accprding to Best Business Awards 2020

Who will get the most use out of the test drive?

  • You are dreaming of getting into a US college and receiving financial aid, but you are just at the very beginning of this journey.
  • You don't know how to build your admission strategy and what deadlines you should stick to.
  • You know a little about admission process at US colleges and you want to get to know the process better before you get to work.
  • You have read about our program, but you don't know if it is going to be effective and lead you to your goal.
  • You have made a decision to apply to the USA, but you want to try out online-education and see if it is convenient for you.

What questions is this test drive going to answer?

  • 1
    Is the US system of higher education good for me?
  • 2
    How should I start my journey towards admission?
  • 3
    How does the admission process go and what are the most important dates?
  • 4
    When should I start working on my exams, essays, etc.?
  • 5
    Is it possible to get financial aid at the USA? And if so, then how?
  • 6
    What are the elements of the application that you have to put most work into in order to get financial aid?
During the test-drive you will not only get access to the lessons, but you will also get to know your curator and receive feedback during the course.
Test Drive of «The 100% Acceptance to Top U.S. Universities Coaching Program» by Study America
You will start your admission journey with Study America by getting access to the first 50 lessons, our best-selling workbook and assistance of your personal curator.

You will try out our method for yourself and you will be able to continue your education with us as a resident after that.
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NB! If you choose to purchase «The 100% Acceptance to Top U.S. Universities Coaching Program», the price of this test drive will be included into the price of the program!
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