Maria Guryeva
founder of StudyAmerica

Hi! My name is Maria Guryeva, and I provide consultations and services to support admission to US universities. I help students enroll in US high schools and undergraduate programs, as well as students and professionals enroll in graduate, postgraduate, MBA programs, and transfer to bachelor's degree.

Since childhood, I dreamed of studying in the USA, and when my dream came true, I wanted to use all my experience and let others fulfill this dream. My mission is to provide access to higher education at top US universities to anyone who dreams of it and is ready to work hard for it.

7 Facts about Me
Graduate of
Columbia University
My experience has allowed me to know the specifics of American education. I know perfectly well how to enter the Ivy League from another country and from the university, on my own example and by the example of my many students. I am happy to share these secrets with you.
Successfully enrolled in bachelor's, master's, postgraduate studies and transfer to the best universities in the USA
After 11th grade, I entered five US universities, including Northwestern University (top 20), where I received $20,000 of financial aid. I chose to study at a university in my city, but in the second year, I entered Columbia University, where I went on a transfer program.

While studying at Columbia, I interviewed many admissions officers at Columbia, Yale, Harvard, and MIT, as well as Ivy League students, about how they got enrolled. After completing my undergraduate studies, I went on to graduate school at UC Berkeley and Northwestern University and to graduate school at Temple University. Therefore, I have excellent knowledge of the undergraduate, graduate, PhD, and transfer admission process, as evidenced by my students who have successfully entered top US universities at all of these stages. If your goal is to get into the best university in the USA — no matter what program you apply for, I will provide you with expert support.
Passed SAT for 2050, TOEFL for 114,
IELTS for 8.5, GRE for V164/M167
I prepared for all these tests on my own, without the help of tutors. Thanks to this, I know exactly which features of the tests caused me the maximum difficulties in the learning process, and I remember exactly what helped me solve them, securing such high scores. Due to this, I have developed my own approach to teaching these exams, which successfully works with all my students. Some of my students passed these exams even better than I did.
Certified teacher with experience
since 2009
I received a certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, allowing me to teach English, in 2009, and took classes in the theory of teaching at Lomonosov Moscow State University. I have also completed courses in Teaching, Academic English and New Technologies in Teaching from the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, Duke University, UC Irvine, UC Davis, SUNY, John Hopkins University, University of New South Wales (Australia) and Commonwealth Education with honors. trust. I have also lectured and taught courses at EducationUSA. Coming to me, you can be sure that you have contacted an expert and a professional.
Journalist by education
I studied journalism at Moscow State University, Columbia, and in Brussels, which helped me a lot to be a professional in my work, because one of the most important elements in the application is an essay in which you need to tell your story very well. In Colombia, I actively studied how to write in English, and what techniques American journalists use to attract the reader and keep him in suspense until the end of the text. I adore these techniques, and therefore the favorite part of my work is working on essays with students, in which I always demonstrate all my ability to feel and listen to the interlocutor, catch the smallest details, and then make them into a story in which there is nothing superfluous, and which amazes and impresses the reader. And my love of the English language and perfectionism will bring this story to perfection. Whatever your story is, I will definitely "find it" in our conversations, and help make a real masterpiece out of it.
Winner of competitions
for scholarships and grants
I received grants from Turo University in the 9th grade for free tuition in New York, Northwestern University for undergraduate and graduate studies, Columbia University for exchange studies, the Institute of Journalism in Brussels in 2014. I got on the reserve list of Chevening fellows. Using my experience, I will definitely help you make a very strong application that will be worthy of receiving funding. As evidenced by the success of my students who have won Fulbright, UGRAD, FLEX, Yale University, NYU and many others scholarships.
I have the best job in the world
It is incredible happiness for me to see my students' dream of getting an education abroad come true. There were many of my students who did not believe in the success or thought that they were not worthy of studying in America, that their level of training was not enough, their history was not interesting enough, or that it is available only for the very rich people. Every time I was happy to convince each of them of the opposite. I firmly believe that anyone who really wants to study in America at top universities, and who is ready to make all the necessary efforts is worthy of studying there and I am happy to help such purposeful students realize their dream. I am happy that all the knowledge I have gained over the years of admission and study in the USA, year after year, benefits my students. And when I see happy photos of my former students at the university, or meet them in America and listen to their stories, I am always very proud of what I do. Because thanks to my work, my students discover incredible opportunities, get access to the most prestigious education in the world, and most importantly, to an experience that will become one of the most important in their lives. Making such a big contribution to the fate of my students is a job that one can only dream of.
Principles of my work
Individual approach

I always adapt to your preferences, interests and ambitions, and provide all the tools to fulfill your tasks and plans.
To motivate and inspire
by my own example
I use my experience and the experience of my students to inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals and overcome difficulties.
Reliability and constant communication
I am always in touch, and I will never leave you, even half an hour before the deadline. From the first lesson to the enrollment.
Accessibility for everyone
I believe that anyone who has that desire deserves to study in the USA. I don't have an ability selection.
I keep a close eye on education trends, exam changes, and technology to optimize our collaboration.
Full dedication to the common cause
I am completely devoted to our work, for the sake of our common victory, and I am trying to ensure that your application is brought to absolute perfection.
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happy customers
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All my students have successfully enrolled in the best colleges in the USA.
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All my students have successfully enrolled in the best colleges in the USA.
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