Online TOEFL preparation course

Just one online course — and your exam score is more than 100 points.
79 full lectures on the Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing sections with practice tests and sample questions.

This course will give you:

Possibility to learn anytime and anywhere
The course is available immediately after the purchase. You can choose your study schedule and how much time per day you are willing to spend on training based on your study plan.
Combination of theory and practice
You will get everything you need for a successful preparation: secret tips, ready-made templates, full strategies and life hacks for every section of the test.
Opportunity to track your progress
You will have access to diagnostic tests for all sections to track progress in the preparation process.
You will be able to pass the TOEFL 100+
and apply for admission to top US universities by the end
of the course*
* if all tasks are completed

On this TOEFL course you will learn:

The structure of the exam and how to pass it 100+
How are the test-makers trying to confuse you and how not to fall for incorrect answers
Which reading strategies will help you save time in the reading section, keep concentrated and answer questions correctly
How to instantly find out the answer in the reading section that is straight-away wrong
How to answer all seven types of questions in the reading section correctly
How to predict the correct answers in the listening section before the question even appears on the screen
How do test-makers trick 90% of foreign students in the listening section and how not to fall into this trap
How to deal with traps in the three types of questions in the listening section
What verified scripts will help you answer the questions of the speaking section in 45 seconds
How to avoid 75% of grammar errors while summarising a dialogue in the speaking section
How to get out of a situation when you don't understand anything, but you need to talk about it, and get the top score
How to use a ready-made full structure to compose two essays, if you are not good at writing texts

Course objective

The main goal of the course is to break down each task and to show you how to nail it. You will get ready-made strategies, tips and life hacks for each section.
You will learn the strategies that will help you save time while reading texts and keep your attention focused. Moreover you will get to know all the traps you might bump into in every type of question.
You will learn what should you focus on during the listening section, how to take notes correctly, and what traps to avoid.
You will get detailed and elaborate templates that will help you deal with any question of the speaking section. Your only task will be to learn them by heart.
You will get ready-made strategies and templates that will help you structure your future texts and complete them in 50 minutes.
And that's not it…
In addition to access to all the course materials, you will receive:
Complete TOEFL diagnostic test
Check yourself at the very beginning of the course to track your progress throughout the course. You will also get access to 5 additional tests at the end of the course to see your results and to get comfortable with the exam-taking process.
Practice tests for all types of the reading section questions
The diagnostic test will show you what types of the reading section questions you need to work on. For each type of question in the course there is not only a corresponding video lecture, but also a set of exercises.
Tasks for the listening section questions
We will work on all the types of the listening section questions that you have difficulties with by completing real-test exercises.
Strategies on how to prepare the speaking section on time
We will gift you a complete plan-template for preparing each of the speaking questions. All you will have to do is learn this knowledge by heart, and you will never fail!
Examples of perfect answers for the speaking and the writing sections
We will analyse the perfect speaking answer and writing samples so that you have something to go for.
Practical tasks for the speaking and writing sections
We believe that just following video-lectures is not enough. Your score for the speaking and the writing sections depends on the amount of practice that you will fo before the test. In our course you will be able to hone your skills in both speaking and writing with practical assignments.
Tips for the day before the exam
What should you do the day before the exam? We will grant you special instructions that will help you not to forget some important routines and do everything in order to nail your examination.
Strategies for the exam day
The exam can be very stressful, even if the preparation was intense and complete. During the course we will pay special attention to the real-life exam process, so that you will not have any surprises.
Get access to six lessons for free
We know that it's important for you to make sure you choose the most complete and exact program for your TOEFL IBT preparation. It's very important to be careful with all the details and to remember all the tips and tricks that work on each task.
That is why we provide you a free test drive of your future course. Over the first two modules you will get to know us better, understand the structure of the course and figure our how to take the most out of this course.
TOEFL preparation course program
79 video modules for 9 hours, exercises on each topic for practice.
Downloadable resources and an eternal access.
Introductory module - 6 lessons - 13:41
▶ How will this course help you - 03:01
▶ Who is Maria Gurieva? - 01:49
▶ How to get the best out of the course - 2:16
▶ Welcome to the course - let's get started! - 00:51
✔ Interactive: Let's get acquainted!
▶ Overview of course chapters - 05:44
Test structure - 4 lessons - 19:41
▶ TOEFL overview - 07:31
▶ Overview of TOEFL sections - 03:06
▶ Strategies to help you succeed in TOEFL - 08:43
▶ Registration for the TOEFL. Step-by-step plan.
✔ Diagnostic test
Reading Section - 11 lessons - 01:09:59
▶ Introduction to the Reading section - 04:25
▶ Does is it need to read the text? - 05:40
✔ Test: How to read text in Reading
▶ Traps in answer options - don't get caught! - 03:52
▶ Types of Reading questions - 08:56
▶ Vocabulary questions (not really so) - 12:59
✔ Exercises: Understanding words in context
✔ Exercises: Choosing the best synonym
✔ Exercises: Understanding the Authors Meaning questions
▶ Questions "Referents" - 02:00
✔ Exercises: Locating referents within a passage
▶ Questions "Place a sentence" - 10:05
✔ Exercises: Understanding transition words
✔ Exercises: Inserting Sentences Exercise
▶ Questions about details - 06:01
✔ Exercises: Choosing the restatement of highlighted sentences
✔ Exercises: Choosing restatements of bold sentences in paragraphs
▶ Inferences - 03:55
✔ Exercises: Making Inferences
✔ Exercises: Drawing Conclusions
✔ Exercises: Reviewing Inferences
▶ Summaries - 03:53
✔ Exercises: Summaries Exercises
▶ Results by section Reading - 08:13
✔ Test: Reading Practice Test
Listening Section - 8 lessons - 01:00:48
▶ Introduction to the Listening section - 05:29
▶ How to take notes correctly - 04:59
✔ Exercises: Notetaking Drills
▶ How to listen Listening - 08:29
▶ Types of questions Listening - 09:12
▶ Questions about main - 03:28
✔ Exercises: Main Idea Practice
✔ Test: Main Idea Questions
▶ Questions about details - 08:06
✔ Exercises: Details Practice
✔ Test: Details Questions
▶ Questions about results - 08:54
✔ Exercises: Inferences Practice
✔ Test: Inferences Questions
▶ Results of Listening section - 12:11
✔ Exercises: Listening Additional Practice
✔ Test: Listening Practice Test
Speaking Section - 24 lessons - 03:02:32
▶ Speaking Overview - 08:06
▶Speaking section tour - 08:34
▶How is Speaking checked and evaluated - 05:23
▶How to succeed on TOEFL Speaking - 04:24
▶Speaking 1: What to expect - 02:02
▶Speaking 1: How to get ready on time - 06:35
▶Speaking 1: Structure your response - 05:07
▶Speaking 1: Practice - 02:23
▶Speaking 2: What to expect - 04:37
▶Speaking 2: Structure your response - 02:33
▶Speaking 2: One important grammar tip - 05:27
▶Speaking 2: Sample task - 08:27
▶Speaking 2: Practice - 05:33
▶Speaking 3: What to expect - 03:31
▶Speaking 3: Structure your response - 02:19
▶Speaking 3: Sample task - 08:37
▶Speaking 3: Practice - 05:41
▶Speaking 4: What to expect - 02:37
▶Speaking 4: Notetaking - 05:45
▶Speaking 4: Structure your response - 00:56
▶Speaking 4: Sample task - 09:36
▶Speaking 4: Practice - 05:24
▶Speaking Section Wrap-Up — 06:57
▶Final tips for Speaking - 09:35
Writing section - 23 lessons - 02:32:39
▶ Introduction to Writing - 04:59
▶ How to evaluate Writing - 04:04
▶ Before beginning: write succinctly - 15:25
✔ Exercise: Writing concisely
▶ Before beginning: logic in English text- 09:10
♾ Download material: Transitions
✔ Exercise: Adding cohesion
▶ Writing 1: Introduction - 01:59
▶ Writing 1: Two possible structures of response - 09:29
▶ Writing 1: An example (Business) - 05:34
▶ Writing 1: Practice - Business - 06:35
▶ Writing 1: Practice - Floride - 06:01
▶ Writing 1: How the essay is evaluated - 04:40
▶ Writing 1: Evaluating someone else's essay - 10:02
▶ Writing 1: Important to remember - 05:04
▶ Writing 2: Introduction - 02:42
▶ Writing 2: Three types of topics- 10:37
♾ Download material: essay topics in TOEFL Writing
▶ Writing 2: Structure Do you agree/disagree - 07:54
▶ Writing 2: An example of structure Do you agree/Disagree - 05:01
▶ Writing 2: Structure Descriptive - 05:44
▶ Writing 2: Structure Compare/contrast - 09:48
▶ Writing 2: An example of structure Compare/Contrast - 03:37
▶ Writing 2: How to evaluate - 06:25
▶ Writing 2: An example of a response and criticism - 06:27
▶ Writing 2: Важно помнить - 04:43
▶ Results for the Writing section - 06:39
The final assignment - 3 lessons - 20:17
▶ Hurray! We did it! Overview of all TOEFL sections - 11:00
▶ 1 day before the test- 02:47
▶ During the test - 06:30
So, what's the plan?
You get a free access to the first 6 lessons and listen carefully to all the lectures
You fall in love with the course and understand that it's the most effective and easy course on TOEFL IBT so far
You complete the full course
You go and get 100+ on the exam!

The author of the course — Maria Guryeva

She studied at Columbia University
Maria knows not only the secrets of getting into the Ivy League with full funding, but also has her own experience of studying there. Maria has interacted with many other students who have enrolled at Columbia University, and learned their admission stories, essay topics and the secrets of their success.
She visited admissions offices of top US universities
Maria had visited the admissions offices of almost every Ivy League University during her time in NY. She had learned about admissions and interviewed incoming students. This way, Maria knows all about the most prestigious US universities and can share her knowledge with you.
100% admission method
All of Maria's students successfully entered the best US universities, such as Yale University, Columbia University, Stanford University, Dartmouth College, Duke College, UC Berkeley, UCLA, NYU, USC and others. They were admitted in bachelor's, master's, and postgraduate programs. Most of them received scholarships and grants.
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