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Your advisor — Maria Guryeva
Studied at Columbia University
Maria entered Columbia University in New York in 2012 and received full funding for her studies. Thus, Mary not only knows the secret of entering the Ivy League, but also has her own experience of studying there, during which Maria talked with many other students who entered Columbia, learning from them the history of admission, the topics of their essays and the secrets of their success.
Traveled the top American universities admissions committees
Studying in Columbia, Maria traveled to the admissions committees of almost all the universities of the Ivy League, finding out from them the features of admission and questioning the students who entered.

Maria knows everything about the most prestigious American universities, and she will share her knowledge with you.
100% Acceptance Method
Due to her admission and studies at Columbia and annual university tours, Maria developed a method that allowed 100% of her students to enroll in top American universities. For over 12 years, Mary's method has not failed once.
"The fact that Maria has a successful experience of entering the leading American universities herself is also very important: we were on the same page with her. Masha understood what concerns I had, what should be emphasized, and how to save time, and also she knew what the admissions committee is looking for... "

Stanford University
Prepare for the necessary exams
Prepare for the international exams: TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, ACT, SSAT, GRE, GMAT, SAT Subject Tests Math I & Math II, PSAT, etc.
Enter an American university
Learn about how to get admitted to the top US universities and get support at all stages of admission.
Get the documents preraration assistance
Get help preparing the questionnaire, essays, recommendations, transcripts. Your documents will be perfect for all the requirements of the best universities in the USA
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Maria's students acceptance rate
Maria Guryeva's students got admitted to the universities such as:
"Masha helped me a lot with entering American universities (with documents and numerous essays). And now I was accepted to 9 out of 10 universities!!!! I was very happy))) Now I'm flying to California, California College of Arts. "

Adeline Tumasyeva
California College of the Arts
You can do all the steps required to get admitted to American universities with Maria Guryeva
List of desired uniiversities
Together with Maria you will create a balanced list of universities, each of which will be ideally suited to your requirements and preferences. Unlike most agencies, Mary does not have agreements with universities, which means that no commercial interests affect the selection of universities on your list. Dreaming of going to Harvard? Be sure to add to the list. Do you want a university in a big city with high ratings, a business program, and a squash team? And we'll definitely pick one.
Exams preparation
With Maria, you will prepare for all the necessary exams. Maria prepares students for the TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, ACT, IELTS, SSAT, PSAT, SAT Subjects Tests Math I & Math II exams. Most likely, you will need only two of them to pass for admission, and Maria will be able to prepare you for points sufficient for admission to the Ivy League and other top universities. Most of Mary's students pass TOEFL at 100+, SAT at 1300+, GRE at 165 + / 165 +.
Essay writing
Writing an essay is the most crucial stage in preparing an application to a university. The universities make the final decision on admission when it is necessary to choose between candidates with the same scores and grades on the basis of the essay. The essay should be catchy and not leave the reader indifferent. This topic will be given close attention during the lessons with Maria. Together, we will polish every essay, bringing it to perfection, so it impresses the admissions committee of the most prestigious American universities. Maria has great experience in writing an essay, the method developed by her in Columbia, as well as her journalistic education, will help make your biography a real masterpiece.
Documents preparation
In addition to the essay and exam results, each university will require a package of documents, such as teacher recommendations, a list of grades, completed questionnaires, resumes, and portfolios. Each of these documents plays an important role in your application and must be prepared with all responsibility and accuracy. Maria will tell you how to complete each document and she will check its correctness.
Applying for financial aid
You can study for free In the United States but only the correct completion of financial documents will allow you to get a full grant. In the classroom with Maria, you will learn how to answer questions about family income and expenses correctly, what documents you need to attach, and how to send them to universities.
Getting ready to fly to the USA
Hooray, you got admitted. Now you need to choose the university that fits you the most, fill out documents about your decision, apply for a visa and pack your suitcase. Maria will help you with all of these steps. Yes, even with a suitcase - Mary has a list of necessary things to take to the US ;-)
"Many thanks to Masha that she went with me all the way to my American dream, from exams to filing documents. It was incredibly important to know that you can rely on a tutor in any matter, that she doesn't fail, because you and your result are really important to her. "

Olesya Khrapunova
University of Virginia
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