Do you like reading stories of successful people and imagine being one of them? Then we offer you to think of yourself as a hero of this story and to feel what it's like to receive your anticipated "congratulations" and get awarded financial aid.

Maria Shevchuk really wanted to get accepted into a US college. And even further, she was fascinated with the idea, but didn't know how to approach it. The information posted online was not helpful at all, her eyes running crazy from the amount of offers, and there was no one around that could actually land a hand.

The first thing that Maria tried to do was to create a college list, but she soon found out that there are too many of them. The second thing that she tried to do was to find some information about the essay - but got stuck for two hours watching YouTube-videos.

And the time was running very fast, because her sports career was at it pick (being a master of sports isn't soe kind of joke). And this all led to one thing — being busy 24/7: when you have a work-out in the morning, school during the day, more tennis in the evening.

And at the same time there is this big dream of going to the USA. But in order to get there you need to work hard on new things and get it done before the deadlines.

You could really use some help from a time-turner with it. But what could you do if you don't have one?

Well, you have to learn to pass some of your tasks and find a person who really knows where to run, what to look for and basically what to do!

That is how Masha, having billions of questions and being absolutely lost, met us, Study America. At a free consultation with our expert she realized that the best decision — is to follow a very structured program based on a real-life experience of multiple students.

And what could possibly stop a headstrong person with a big goal? He couldn't be stopped by an army.

Together with our course mentors she created a road-map with all her dates and just started to follow the steps. Thanks to a very strict discipline she managed to do it all: she prepared her home tasks during school breaks and late at night after her sports classes she came home to Study America's training.

She created a list of 23 very quickly, because she already had a strategy in her mind and knew exactly what to pay attention to.

She also dealt with the essay pretty fast, her broad sports experience gave her a lot of inspiration and many ideas on how to represent herself in the text. But, it was just picture perfect.

Do you remember what has happened to the world during the pandemics? Everything was changing every minute: the exams were being canceled, it was impossible to travel and the chances of getting into a US university were uncertain.

At that time it was really important to show perfect exam scores. But after failing the TOEFL due to the time limit, Masha realized that her American dream was vanishing. And that's when she gave up.

But Masha's mentor saw it and helped her pass the Duolingo test that is much easier than the TOEFL. It was still hard for Masha to deal with the test, and she only got the perfect result of 120 points after the third take.

Having submitted the application forms and having passed the interview she finally had all the doors opened for her!

Just imagine that feeling of total relief after having passed all this journey. Now all she had to do was to wait.

And the result was astonishing — out of 23 applications she got the maximum amount of offers with scholarships going from 6000 to 44000$. Now Maria is a Stetson University student and receives full financial assistance.

Now, did you enjoy the story? Would you like to go through this journey and see the result?

Let's see, how education at Study America has helped Maria achieve her goal:

  • She managed to structure all that chaotic information in her head and to see a strict sequence of steps towards her dream.
  • She had no problems choosing the right colleges from over 4000 US universities.
  • She wrote a flawless essay based on her personal background and story.
  • She prepared and passed the exams.
  • She collected all the documents that you need to have for financial aid applications.
  • She prepared for the interview.
  • She received perfect recommendations based on her real communication with school teachers.
  • She always had someone cheering her up and helping her out with the most difficult questions.
  • She managed to get accepted to one of the top US colleges.
You may be thinking that you have much more time for research than Masha and you don't have to get ready for competitions. But trust us: more than 80% of students cannot stay disciplined, and they just simply cannot make themselves complete their applications in time. So, they end up doing it all at the last minute.

Sadly, our 12-year experience proves the statistic to be correct.

A strict and structure admission preparation program makes the process much easier and you don't have to

  • think, where to find the information and check it.
  • waste your time and money on individual lessons with tutors that have no guarantees.
  • do everything at the same time and miss important details.
You have enough stress in your life to save yourself from more of it, don't you?

Just join a free consultation with our expert and see for yourself. It will not only save your mental health,but it will eventually save your time and money.