Bring Your Ideas to Life
Everything that you dreamed of can be brought to life exactly at the moment when you decide to win.
САММИТ пройдет сразу в 2х залах - это 18 часов практикума по поступлению в Американские ВУЗЫ от ведущих специалистов (преподаватели и участники приемных комиссий ВУЗОВ США, кураторы, психологи, узкие специалисты по получению виз, грантов и жизни в США для студентов из стран СНГ)
Зал Harvard
Зал Stanford
What kind of traveler are you?
Test your knowledge and find out how well you know geography and what kind of traveler are you. Can you answer these questions?
What is the capital city of Australia?
What city does not exist in Canada?
Which countries have a city named Moscow?
What country is not a part of Scandinavia?
Which island does not belong to Italy?
You are homebody