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Тиллавалдыева Никназ

Your consultant is Tillavaldyyeva Niknaz

Education: linguistic gymnasium No. 105 (Almaty), entered the Georgia Institute of Technology, Faculty of Architecture.

Niknaz has always actively participated in school life, conducted social photo projects, her own and club exhibitions, and even was the president of the gymnasium in the 10th grade.

In high school, she conducted a scientific study on the behavior of schoolchildren in relation to their health — it was published in the journal of the National Center for Public Health of Kazakhstan.
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Later, she performed at two international conferences and won first place in the republican competition of UNESCO Associated Schools and second place in the city competition of scientific projects.

Niknaz pays special attention to volunteering - in 2018 she taught English to children from low-income families, and in 2019 she organized the MUN international conference in Almaty with a team of volunteers.

She went all the way to enrolling in a US university on her own, deeply understanding all aspects of this process. At the moment, Niknaz helps other students to enter American universities. Every day the number of students helped by Niknaz is growing, and Niknaz's competence is growing along with them. Niknaz helps schoolchildren decide on the choice of universities and the search for extracurriculars, collecting documents, working on essays, and preparing for exams, as well as obtaining financial aid for students.

At consultations with Niknaz, you can get information on all issues that arise during admission to a bachelor's degree:

  • 1
    Choose Universities
    She knows what to focus on when choosing a university and helps to make a balanced list of universities and specialties.
  • 2
    Prepare documents
    Niknaz will help you enter data into CommonApp, as well as identify extracurriculars, write letters of recommendation and transcripts, and build a competent portfolio.
  • 3
    Prepare for the exams
    She knows the secrets that allow you to get the highest score in TOEFL, IELTS.
  • 4
    Write an essay
    Niknaz knows all the nuances of the perfect essay. She will help you with choosing a topic for an essay, with writing an essay for CommonApp, and with writing Supplement Essays.
  • 5
    Submit an application for financial assistance
    Niknaz will help to collect all the necessary documents for obtaining financial assistance, as well as advise on third-party grants since it is not always possible to get direct help from the university.
  • 6
    Help with transfer
    Niknaz can help with the choice of universities for transfer, discuss transfer admission strategies, and also advise on the possibilities of obtaining financial assistance when applying for transfer.

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