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Ksenia Guseva

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Your consultant — Ksenia Guseva

Education: National Research University High School of Economics, Faculty of the International Institute of Economics and Finance, majoring in Mathematics and Economics, master's program at the University of Toronto.

Ksenia started her studies at one of the best mathematical schools in Moscow and then enrolled in a program that the HSE developed in cooperation with the University of London. Thanks to this, Ksenia gained experience working with teachers from different countries, and also improved her knowledge of English — the study took place in two languages.

A powerful educational basis allowed her to successfully enroll in the master's program of the University of Toronto and even receive offers from Duke University and Boston University.
Ксения Гусева консультант Study America
She remembers that going abroad was very difficult — she had to prepare by herself, submit documents, wait for answers, plan interviews, and also get used to another country and its rules. Ksenia is sure that at such a moment it is especially important to have a person who understands all these nuances and will be able to control your actions. All these difficulties pushed her to help other students and schoolchildren to enter the United States universities. At the moment, Ksenia is the current curator of the Study America master's program.

Ksenia is not looking for easy ways — she helps students to enroll in the universities they have chosen, no matter how difficult these options may be. She can also prepare you for the GRE and GMAT exams and shares her experience in solving other questions on admission topic.

Ksenia Guseva can help you apply for
a master's degree in the USA:

  • 1
    Choose a university and a program
    With Ksenia's help, you can decide on a specific university, as well as choose a program for further study at the master's program.
  • 2
    Prepare for exams
    Ksenia is very good in the exact sciences, and can prepare you for the SAT Math, GRE Math, GMAT, SAT Subject Math 1, SAT Subject Math 2.

    She will tell you the secrets of effective preparation and help you achieve top score results, which will be enough to enroll in a master's degree in the best universities in the USA.
  • 3
    Write a resume and prepare recommendation letters
    Ksenia will show you how to write an effective resume that will impress your university's admissions committee, as well as help you send requests for recommendations.
  • 4
    Prepare documents
    Under the guidance of Ksenia, you will be able to prepare the entire package of documents required for admission to a master's degree in the USA.
  • 5
    Send a request for
    financial aid
    Ksenia will help you collect the necessary documents to send a request to the university for funding for masters, as well as help you select a list of universities offering financial assistance
  • 6
    Get valuable advice
    Ksenia personally went through the path of admission to the USA and knows what you need to be ready for. She will tell you what to consider when preparing for an interview and share other important tips.

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