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Kristen Fang
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Your consultant is Kristen Fang

Kristen has an excellent education. She spent 10 years studying at home with experienced teachers, which allowed her to successfully enter more than 10 prestigious American universities: Harvard, Columbia, Carnegie Mellon, USC, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Davis, NEC, Barnard.

Kristen chose Harvard and successfully completed her bachelor's degree in computational biology.

Kristen works as a technical manager at Cengage and as an independent university consultant now.

Kristen is talking about how she can help you with your admission.
Kristen is a very versatile person. She founded the fintech startup StrattyX — a new trading interface. She also served as an investment banking analyst at the consulting firm Lazard and served as a senior advisor to CollegeVine.

Kristen is a recognized flutist. She even participated in the National Youth Orchestra of the United States. Kristen also runs a YouTube channel where she gives tips on getting into college, getting a quick start in your career, and starting your own company.

Together with Kristen, you can:

Write an essay
Kristen can check out your essay and make recommendations that will help you uncover your best side. You can bring your work to the ideal and impress the admissions committee with her help.
Deal with the Common App
Kristen will help you to fill out the section with your achievements. It's not as easy as it seems, because you need to put the right accents. She will also check your motivational essay, which can be decisive in the question of admission to the university.

Start preparing for admission to the USA right now with Kristen!

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Activities for common app & coalition app
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